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I’m pretty sure most people heard the saying “you can’t love anyone, if you don’t love yourself,” and that is true. But it goes beyond that. You can’t LIVE if you don’t love yourself. The fears and hate of a patriarchal society have told us that we don’t fit the mold. But no two people are alike, so what mold do they speak of? They implant in the mind and heart that if we aren’t them, then we’re wrong. And in most cases these psychological manipulations work, and those who “don’t fit the mold” try to fit it, or break themselves trying to. I was one of those people. On the verge of suicide trying to figure out why I wasn’t normal. Unfortunately, unlike myself, many young teens and even adults destroy themselves, whether it be mentally, spiritually, or even physically, trying to live up to something or someone they are not. But being true and loving yourself is true living and loving. Then in that a person can go beyond their natural selves and do things that were unimaginable to their own mind. Never doubt or underestimate your own abilities. We are all stronger, smarter, talented, beautiful, and resilient than we were told.❞ -


Read the rest of her blog entry from prison here. 

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i added the whole paragraph because it’s so beautiful and true

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